This project is a broader part of an initial five year plan of implementation and thereafter to replicate the same in different parts of the country.  The long-term goal of this Programme is to acquire land and build a permanent Resource and Rehabilitation Centre for the HI Children with the aim of providing the necessary devices, training and give the Centre a state of the art infrastructural development and make it conducive for access for the rehabilitation and social development of hard of hearing children and other project beneficiaries.

Ear Trek will engage in various activities in order to generate some income.  Parents who are well placed in the society and want to access the facilities will be paying a subsidized fee for the same.  Items produced by the youth and parents after acquiring skills training will be marketed and a small percentage of the resources will remain within the Centre as community contribution.

Various events like art exhibitions, sales of items generated from within, charity walks, dinners and luncheons will be held in partnership with the parents and the communities to generate income and as sensitization forums.