aEarly Assessment and Screening: EAR TREK advocates for early assessment and screening of children to identify the level of hearing and detect any other associated disabilities.

bEmpowerment and Capacity-Building: EAR TREK proposes to sensitize and create awareness among HI families and community and empower parents/guardians of HI children with skills and training to ensure total inclusion of these children and acceptability of the same within the family and community. Economic empowerment of parents is a key focus of this project.

cProvision of Assistance Devices: EAR TREK will partner and collaborate with other agencies to ensure provision of assistive devices i.e. hearing aids and accessories to the children who can benefit from their use and servicing of the same.

dSpeech and Language Training: Provide early speech and language training and other development skills using special teaching and learning materials relevant for the Hearing Impaired Children pending placement in appropriate schools.

eSign Language: To facilitate training of sign language to families of Hearing Impaired Children in appreciation of the HI Child.

fEnroll: To ensure that Hearing Impaired Children in the community who have never been to school and have attained school enrollment age are enrolled and provided with relevant tools for inclusive education.

gReturn: To ensure that Hearing Impaired Children in the community who have dropped out of school for whatever reason, return to school and or engage in other profitable activities.

hRetention: To ensure older Hearing Impaired Children in the Community currently enrolled and integrated remain in school.

iPartnerships: EAR TREK will partner with Hospitals, development agencies, corporate institutions, government, communities and other stakeholders in assisting with educational related information, equipment and materials to improve the quality of education and overall improvement of HI children so as to ensure improvement in the quality of their living standards.