Our Programme

EAR TREK (ET) is a Community Based Organization (non-profit) that is implementing a “Strategic Speech and Hearing Enhancement Project (SSHEP)” targeting Hearing Impaired children, at Kasarani Sub–County, Nairobi. The Project is designed to support, empower and promote sustainable development targeting Hearing Impaired Children in the Communities. The main focus is on those that have some residual hearing and speech so that the fitting of hearing aids can accelerate their hearing and with the support of speech therapist and special needs teacher, train the child on speech and language development as well as early childhood Development activities. This will empower the Hard of hearing (HH) Child to become self-reliant through early intervention.

  • This Programme aims to boost the parents' effort and involvement in the upbringing and education of Hearing Impaired Children so that they integrate well in the family and in the society.
  • This Programme’s main objective is to set up a Resource Centre for the Hearing Impaired Children (HI) which will provide early intervention and rehabilitation of the Hearing Impaired Child.
  • The Programme will also provide a forum for parents of Hearing Impaired Children to share their experiences, disseminate information and provide counselling services for parents who may rather have given up the rehabilitation efforts.
  • It further aims at promoting networking of all those involved in working with Hearing Impaired Children (parents, teachers, audiologists, doctors, social workers, policy makers, development partners, government departments and communities etc.) as well as sensitizing the public and educators on the needs of the Hearing Impaired Children.