"It would be worth noting that the Proposer of this Project and Founder of Ear Trek is a mother of a young adult girl who has been HI from the age of 1 year and is now 26 years old. Through going through the proposed programme on an individual capacity, she has achieved her potential and is now an Artist and an empowered HI Child. A show case of what early intervention, resilience, persistence, determination and hard work can result to”.

It is our hope that the implementation of this Programme will impacted in a big way in the rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired (HI) Children in Kenya, and hopefully attained some improvement of their educational opportunities and life as a whole. This can only happen when all parties involved work together with the aim of achieving one goal – embracing and empowering the HI child.

Our slogan is “Hearing Protection is a Sound Investment” and to us, “Disability is not Inability” only “Differently Abled”.